An overview of the Conga AI Analyze product.

What is Conga AI Analyze?

Conga AI Analyze is a artificial intelligence-based legal tool that optimizes and streamlines the contract analysis process. The product seamlessly scans contract documents and automates the data analysis to identify key information and terms for an organization's legal team.

Conga AI Analyze uses innovative machine learning technology to automatically identify and process legal clauses and unique data values within individual Contract documents, as opposed to administrators manually examining and processing each individual contract document's data. Conga AI Analyze provides a robust base of legal knowledge that allows the technology to instantly process and organize contract document data on day one.

As legal teams and administrators begin using the product, Conga AI Analyze's machine learning seamlessly adapts to each organization's unique legalese and contract type. This allows Conga AI Analyze to automatically customize itself to an organization's legal practices and learn exactly which key contract document data corresponds to specific legal clauses and field values.

Who Uses Conga AI Analyze

Legal teams and system administrators are the primary users of Conga AI Analyze's Contract Analyzer. More specifically, individuals responsible for reviewing contract documents and entering contract data into a repository, such as Salesforce or Conga Contracts, use the Contract Analyzer most frequently.

System administrators are typically responsible for setting and customizing their organization's Conga AI Analyze environment. The Blueprint Designer allows system administrators to create Blueprints specific to each contract within their organization. Custom Blueprints provide Conga AI Analyze additional criteria to pinpoint contract document data that matches defined clauses and fields.

Why use Conga AI Analyze?

Conga AI Analyze directly reduces the time and effort legal teams spend reviewing contract document data. Rather than manually searching through each contract document and looking for specific data points, the Contract Analyzer autonomously analyzes contract document data and automatically matches it to pre-identified clauses and fields (that are defined in Blueprints).

Users simply confirm that the identified contract data matches the clause or field. Once all clauses and fields are identified and confirmed by the user, Conga AI Analyze provides the ability to upload the analyzed contract document into the organization's repository for future reference and use. Each time a user correctly identifies a clause or field in a contract document, Conga AI Analyze's machine learning technology factors in the match for future analysis. Every contract document analysis becomes more accurate and streamlined as machine learning customizes itself to a specific organization.