The Conga AI Contract Analyzer searches documents to find everything from legal clauses to important data fields that include party names, places, dates, and more.

To use the Contract Analyzer to search for clauses and fields:

  1. If you're not on the main page, click Contract Analyzer.
  2. Select a Blueprint from the drop-down menu.
  3. Upload your contract file.
  4. Click Analyze Contract. Refine Search Results: After you run the Contract Analyzer, a new screen displays with your results. Here you have te opportunity to assign clauses and fields that were not automatically detected by the AI. When you manually assign text to a field or clause, this teaches the AI to search smarter and improves your results with every new analysis. On the left side of the results screen is a menu containing Fields and Clauses Not Found, Clauses Found, and Fields Found. The middle of your screen contains your contract with colored boundary boxes. Clauses are contained within a purple boundary box, and Fields are contained within a teal boundary box. One the right side of your screen is the Field and Clause Property menu where you assign text to a field or clause.
  5. Within your contract in the middle pane, scroll and search for a field or clause not automatically detected by the Contract Analyzer.
  6. Highlight the clause or field text with your mouse.
  7. Under Assigned To in the Field and Clause Property Menu on the right, click on the field or clause the highlighted text is associated with the click Save.
  8. A green confirmation message appears at the top of the screen, and the clause or field now shows up in the left menu under Clauses Found or Fields Found. If you accidentally save your highlighted text to the wrong field, click on the clause or field name in the right-hand menu under Clauses Found or Fields Found, and then click Remove in the Field and Clause Property menu.