Conga AI Analyze is designed to reduce the time and effort an organization's legal team spends reviewing contract documents. Conga AI Analyze users' product usage varies depending on their specific roles responsibility within their team. Reference the guidelines below to understand Conga AI Analyze user roles.

Contract Administrator

A Contract Administrator, also often referred to as a Contract Manager, is typically responsible for maintaining an organization's contract repository and contracts throughout their lifecycle. This includes systematizing the process of inputting contract data into a repository and ensuring that key legal clauses and data points are easily accessible for future reference. Contract Administrators are not exclusively responsible for legal analysis of individual contracts, but also manage the analyzed information as it relates to their organization throughout the contract lifecycle.

Contract Administrator's Conga AI Analyze Role and Responsibilities

  • Executes initial Conga AI Analyze setup
  • Adding new users
  • Systematizing contract lifecycle with Conga AI Analyze and other CLM tools
    • Implementing Conga AI Analyze product in the current contract analysis flow
  • Porting analyzed contracts from Conga AI Analyze to the organization's contract repository such as Salesforce or Conga Contracts
  • Educating Contract Users on how to create and use Blueprints for contract analysis
  • Ensure that key data points are identified in the contract analysis and translated into the organization's repository

Contract User

A Contract User is responsible for reviewing individual contract documents and identifying key legal clauses. They are the ground-level legal experts, such as general counsel or paralegals, that analyze contracts to mitigate potential issues and understand the implication of contract clauses as it relates to their organization. The Contract User is the primary user of the Contract Analyzer and creates Blueprints based on their knowledge of their organization's legalese and policy.

Contract Users Conga AI Analyzer Role and Responsibilities

  • Create Blueprints to identify Clauses and Fields for different contract types
  • Defining specific criteria to assist in identify Clauses and Fields
  • Uses the Contract Analyzer to identify key Clauses and Fields
  • Verify that the Contract Analyzer matches contract data with Clauses and Fields
  • Identifies Clauses and Fields that were not found
  • Corrects Clauses and Fields that were identified incorrectly in order to "train" the underlying AI engine and improve accuracy moving forward.
  • Uploads analyzed contracts into the organization's connected repository.