Related fields can be used to add custom formula fields to Intelligent Approval criteria.

Specifically you can use related fields with:

  • Approval Process Entry Criteria
  • Approval Step Entry Criteria
  • Re-Approval Criteria
  • Child and Search Filters
  • Approval Rules Criteria - Both Dimension and Condition
  • Approval Rule Entry Criteria - Approval conditions and Auto Reapproval conditions

When you configure a formula field to be used as a related field, it is automatically available with each of the criterias listed above.

To add business objects to a formula field picklist

  1. From Setup, select Create > Objects > Formula Field (Approvals).
  2. From Custom Fields & Relationships, click Business Object.
  3. From Picklist Values, click New.
  4. Enter the API Name for the objects you want to include, such as Apttus_Config2__ProductConfiguration__c and Apttus_Config2__LineItem__c.
  5. Click Save.

The API names are now added to the picklist values.

The next time you create or edit a Formula Field (Approvals), based on the values in Step 4, Product Configuration and Line Item are available from the Business Object picklist.

To set up formula fields (approvals)

If you want additional Business Object options other than the default values, they must be added to the Formula Field (Approvals) business object picklist.

  1. Click All tabs and select Formula Fields (Approvals).
  2. Click New and enter the following:

    Field NameName displayed in the Field list when setting entry criteria for a process, step filters, conditions, or re-approval criteria.
    TypeCurrently this value can only be Relationship.
    Business ObjectThis is the business context object that relates to the context object of the approval process or approval step. The field will only be available in a process or step, when this value matches that of the process or step. The available default values are Standard Agreement, Agreement Line Item, and Opportunity.

    Contains fields from the business object, such asApttus_Config2__PriceListId__cfor the Price List field on the Configuration object.

    It can also be used for fields that are associated with the business object via a lookup field. For this you must use__rto indicate there is a relationship between the field and the object. For instance,Apttus_Config2__ConfigurationId__r.Apttus_QPConfig_ _Proposald__r.Payment_Term__cenables the Payment Term field to be used when Product Configuration is the business object.

    You can use Salesforce Insert Field dialog to build your formula and then copy and paste it into the Formula field. You can access the formula by creating a new field for the appropriate business object. In this example the Approval Status for the Product Configuration object.


    DescriptionEnter information to state the purpose of the formula field is.
  3. Click Save.

The new field is added to the Formula Field (Approvals) list and can be included in an approval process.

When you go to add criteria in approvals, the Field list will display the related field, with the format Related(Field Name): Formula Field Label. For example Related(Price List): Price List.