Approval rules and dimensions enable you to package approval routing criteria together and use them for handling the Assigned Approvers step in the Approval Steps of your Approval Process.

Typically if you choose to assign approval responsibilities to a specific user or role, there is no further logic or criteria that can be put into that assignment. The only real criteria available for the approval step is the Step Entry Criteria. By associating rules at the assignee step, via approval rules, you can dynamically assign approvers based on the same object records information used for the entry criteria.

If you select Percent, an additional field is displayed for entering the percentage threshold for requests, to have the Approval Status reach Approved.If you select Quorum, 2 additional fields are displayed. Approval Count for entering the designated number of approval requests to set the Approval Status to Approved. Continue Policy Approval on a Reject enables you to let the approvers decide even when the designated number of approvers have approved or rejected an approval request.