To create Custom Queues:

  1. Create a custom object.

  2. Create Custom fields (text fields) in the object to have the queue label (which is used to point out the queue) and other fields to have any other possible details about the queue (If required):
    In the use case a field “Test Level” is created and a value  “Level 1” is specified.

  3. Make the custom object available to Intelligent Approvals via a custom setting.
  4. From Setup, go to Develop > Custom Settings and click Manage for Approval Systems Properties. Click Edit and for UI Custom Assignee Object Types enter the name of the custom objects you want to use with custom assignees.

  5. The Approval Systems Property must include the API name of the custom object.
  6. Create Test Queue.
    The highlighted ones are the necessary configurations.

  7. Send Email to Member’s must always be selected in order to send mails to the people in the queue.
  8. Approval Request (Installed Package: Conga Approvals) > Object must be selected in order for the approvals to be redirected to the queue.
  9. Create records for the custom object:
    Populate the custom text field with Queue label.

  10. Create Approval Process and steps.

  11. During the Approval Step, while assigning the approvers select the object created as “Custom object”, text field where queue label is defined as Custom Field and Custom filter expression has the formula which picks up the queue. You get the formula below after configuring:

    Custom_Test_Queue__c(Test_Level__c='Level 1').Test_Text_Queue__c