Approval Center provides a holistic view of all your approvals. At a glance, you can see the number of approval requests assigned to you, the number of approved requests, and rejected requests. You can also click the Knowledge Performance Indicator (KPI) tiles to filter out the approvals. If you click the tile Pending Approval, only the approvals with Status as Pending Approval are shown. Approval Center displays approvals for Agreements, Product Configurations, Opportunities, and custom objects. To work with custom objects on the Approval Center, ensure that administrators have configured custom objects for approvals. For information on configuring custom objects, refer to Configuring Approvals for Custom Objects.


To use Approval Center, you must install the Conga Approval Center and Conga Grid into your Salesforce org. Conga Grid is a prerequisite. Note that Conga Grid can only be installed and used for Approvals Center capabilities in Approvals.

Accessing the Approval Center

Prerequisites for Accessing the Approval Center

  • Access Permissions: Administrators need to provide access rights before you can access the Approval Center. For more information, refer to Permission Sets for Accessing Approval Center.
  • Adding Objects to Approval Center: Administrators need to add the API name of context objects in Approval System Properties → Dashboard Objects setting to view the object tab on Approval Center. 
  • Displaying Objects in Approval Center: In order to see tabs (for different context objects) and items in those tabs, you need to have at least one request for a given context object assigned to you in any state, otherwise the screen will be blank.

Navigating to Approval Center

You can access the Approval Center by navigating to All Tabs → Approval Center. 

Using the Approval Center, you can:

Search for Approvals

Approval Center provides global search as well as field search. You can use the search bar located below the KPI tiles to search for approvals based on a keyword. You can also use the smart search to search for a keyword in a particular field. For example, if you want to search for an agreement name containing the keyword, ABC. You can achieve this by clicking the filter icon next to the column, Agreement Name, and entering ABC in the smart filter search bar.

Approve Requests

You can select from multiple approval requests assigned to you and approve them simultaneously. To approve requests,

  1. Select your approval requests. 
  2. Click Approve. 
  3. Add your comments and Click Approve.

Approval requests assigned to you are now approved. For information on Approving Approval Requests, refer to Approving a Request.

Reject Requests

You can select from multiple approval requests assigned to you and reject them simultaneously. To reject requests,

  1. Select your approval requests. 
  2. Click Reject.
  3. Add your comments and Click Reject.

Approval requests assigned to you are now rejected. 

Take Ownership

For approval requests assigned to a queue, you can take ownership of them and approve or reject them. To take ownership,

  1. Select the approval requests. 
  2. Click Take Ownership. 

The approval request is now assigned to you. You can approve or reject it.

Under the Assigned To column, look for pending approval steps currently assigned to a Role or a Queue. You can only take ownership of a pending approval that is currently assigned to a Role or Queue. You cannot take ownership of a pending approval step that is already assigned to a specific user. You can take ownership of a request only if the approval request is applicable to you. 

Group Approval Requests

You can also group and filter approval requests based on different fields and field values. You can group approvals by dragging the related column to the area above the approval columns. Grouping approval requests is useful when you are working with a large number of approval records. Consider a scenario where you have 1000 approval requests. 400 approval requests for ABC organization, 200 approval requests for XYZ organization, and 400 for PQR organization. You want to view the rejected approval requests belonging to the ABC organization. You can group the approval requests belonging to the same organization together and use filters to further narrow down the results. 

Create and Save a Custom View

You can create multiple custom views and save them for later use. You can customize the view by:

  • Creating new filters
  • Adding or removing fields 
  • Grouping related agreements 

After you customize the Approval Center, click the down-arrow next to the Edit button. Click Save or Save As.  Provide a unique name for your view and save it. 

For more information on creating custom views and modifying the layout, refer to Conga Grid documentation.