This topic provides a summary of the necessary steps for enabling TurboEngines (TurboConfig and TurboPricing) for your org. 

An administrator can be any of the following persona: Customer Administrator, Partner Administrator, any other administrators assigned the responsibility of enabling TurboEngines for their org. In the table in this topic, this persona is referred to as the Tenant Admin.

You cannot use TurboConfig and TurboPricing simultaneously.


  • Check the "Supported Features" topics (under About TurboEngines) for the service you want to enable. Make sure all of the features you want are included before making a provisioning request.
  • You must have the appropriate TurboEngines license before turning on your org. If you do not have a license, please reach out to your Apttus Account Executive.
  • You must have the Summer 2020 build of Apttus Configuration & Pricing (Apttus CPQ ) in the Salesforce org to enable TurboConfig and TurboPricing. Refer to "Packages" in CPQ on Salesforce Summer 2020 Release Notes.

Enabling TurboEngines

To enable TurboEngines, perform the following steps for each org:

Pre-Provisioning Tasks
1Set up Connected App in your orgTenant Admin

Create a connected app to provide authentication and authorization to TurboConfig and TurboPricing Data Sync Service.

2Prepare pre-provisioning tenant informationTenant Admin

Gather all required information for provisioning your TurboConfig or TurboPricing org.

Provide this information to Apttus Technical Support to begin the provisioning process.

Post-Provisioning Tasks

Perform the following steps only after receiving a notice from Apttus Technical Support that the requested orgs are provisioned. You must have the new service URLs to proceed.

3Set up Remote Site Settings (TurboConfig)Tenant Admin

Use the service URL you received from Apttus Technical Support to set up the remote site settings for TurboConfig.

4Configure ServicesTenant Admin

Configure data sync settings for TurboConfig

Tenant Admin

Configure data sync settings for TurboPricing

Tenant Admin

Sync data to TurboEngines 

TurboEngines Administrator (can be Tenant Admin)

TurboPricing: Set up and schedule or activate data sync to sync pricing master data.

TurboConfig: Publish Products using REST API: TurboConfig Publisher.