An Invoice run is a scheduled batch job to generate invoices in bulk. The invoice run batch job creates invoices by selecting billing schedules with Status as Pending Billing and Ready for Invoice Date with less than or equal to Process Through Date. The Invoice Run job creates invoice line items from billing schedules. It fetches billing schedules in order by their ID or Name, which is the default behaviour for Salesforce Object Query Language (SOQL). For example, the Invoice Run job fetches the following billing schedules:

  • BS-00000048
  • BS-00000051
  • BS-00000055

After the Invoice Run job is successful, you see the following invoice line items:

  • II-0000000080
  • II-0000000081
  • II-0000000082

There is a one-to-one mapping between billing schedules and invoice line items. In this example, the invoice line item II-0000000080 is mapped to BS-00000048.

You can initiate an Invoice Run immediately or schedule it for the future and filter it by Account, Account Location, Product, or a custom filter based on your business requirements.


You must override the standard Invoice Run page with a Visualforce page to drive the Invoice Run behavior as required. 

Go to Invoice Runs object. Under Buttons, Links, and Actions section, edit New label to select a VisualForce page, InvoiceRunCreate[InvoiceRunCreate].

To initiate an Invoice Run     

  1. Click the Invoice Run > New.    

  2. Enter a unique name for this specific Invoice Run instance. A unique name enables you and others in your organization to track, report, and troubleshoot this batch job.
  3. Define a Filter Criteria to determine the scope of the Invoice Run. To define the filter criteria by selecting the Account, Account LocationProduct, or the Billing Schedule object, a field from these objects, the operator, and the value for the field. Please refer, Defining Filter Criteria.
  4. To define the processing options, enter values for the fields described in the following table. Please refer, Processing Options to know more on this.

    Invoice Override TemplateEnter the name of the invoice template you want to use instead of the default.
    Credit Memo Override TemplateEnter the name of the credit memo template you want to use instead of the default.
    Auto Approve Invoices

    Select this check box to automatically approve the Invoice Run.

    Split Invoices by OrderSelect the check box to generate separate invoices for each order on the customer's account.
    Suppress Invoices

    Select onefromthe available modifiers and enter an amount.

    • Less than
    • Less than or Equal to
    • Equal to
  5. To initiate an invoice run immediately or schedule later, select the Run Type Radio button from Scheduling Options. Please refer Scheduling Options to know more on this.
  6. Click Save.