The status of an invoice can be 

  • Draft
  • Pending Approval
  • Approved
  • Canceled
  • Distributed
  • Credited

The initial stage of an invoice is Draft. From the Draft stage, an Invoice can be approved or canceled. 

When you cancel an invoice in the Draft state, all Billing Schedules are reset to Pending Billing status. You cannot delete an Approved invoice. However, an approved invoice, which is unpaid can be canceled. Auto-approved invoices can be automatically sent to your account's contact through email.

Change the Invoice Status

To change the status of an Invoice, click the Invoice Number to go to the Invoice detail page.

At the top of the Invoice detail, you can see the action buttons to Approve, Cancel, Delete or Move to Draft the Invoice.

To move an invoice back to the draft stage, 

  1. Go to Invoice Detail page.
  2. Click Move to Draft button.
    When you click Move to Draft, the status of the Invoice and all Invoice Line Items changes to draft.  Status of all the billing schedules related to the invoice line item changes to Pending Invoiced.

You cannot move an invoice back to the draft stage if,

  • The status of the invoice is Draft Obsolete.
  • The invoice has credit memos or payments related to it.
  • The invoice has billing schedules with status as Invoiced and Is Superseded set to true.

Processing Large Invoices

You can process invoices with a large number of invoice line items simultaneously. An invoice is considered a large invoice if the number of line items to process is more than the value set in the Large Doc Threshold under Comply System Properties. You can process large invoices by submitting the invoice run batch job or by navigating to the Invoice List page and selecting the invoices that you want to process. The processing of large invoices depends on the value set in the Large Doc Process Batch Size and Large Doc threshold setting under Comply System Properties. 

If the number of line items to process is more than the number set in Large Doc Threshold, a batch job is submitted in the background to process

You can perform the following actions on large invoices:

  • Approve
  • Cancel
  • Move to Draft
  • Generate Credit Memos

You cannot generate Direct Credit Memos for Large Invoices. For a large invoice, you can use the Credit Memo filters available on the Direct Credit Memo UI to filter out and narrow down the list of invoice line items. If the total number of invoice line item selected is less than 6500, you can generate a direct credit memo.

The processing of large invoices happens in the background. An asynchronous batch job is submitted to process large invoices. 

Generating Invoice Documents for Large Invoices

You can also generate invoice documents for a large number of invoices. 

For a large number of invoices, a batch job is submitted to generate the invoice document. If you have set Auto-Send Invoice Email as true in Invoice Run, the email along with the generated invoice document is not send immediately. The email is sent to your account contact once the invoice document is generated.