On the creation of a usage-based asset, Usage Schedules are automatically generated. Usage Schedules record the quantity consumed for each Billing Schedule.

  1. On the Account page, go to Assets to view the Usage Schedules under the Asset related lists.

Field Description

Billing ScheduleThe corresponding Billing Schedule for this Usage Schedule.
Is SupersededChecked if the usage schedule is superseded due to amendments.
Period Start DateSelect the date from which you want to calculate your customer's usage.
Period End DateSelect the date until which you want to calculate your customer's usage.
Actual QuantityThe quantity included at no charge in the billing schedule.
Included QuantityThe number of units of the product you want to include for billing your customer.
Actual Included QuantityThe actual quantity consumed during the billing schedule. For example, if your package has 100 included minutes, 100 minutes will be the Actual Quantity and the consumed minutes will be the Actual Included Quantity.

You must enter the usage or metering data associated with an order and then link this usage rating to a Usage Schedule. You can do so by entering a Usage Inputs.

Delayed Usage

Delayed Usage functionality allows you to process usage after the end of the contract. If the usage is for a billing schedule with status as 'Pending Billing', the fee amount is updated to the rated amount of the usage input. If the usage is for an invoiced billing schedule, new billing schedule is created with start date and end date as the usage date. The existing billing schedule is superseded. The ready for invoice date on the billing schedules is set to the usage date.