Conga Billing is a cloud-based, native to Salesforce, billing and invoicing application that meets all your billing related business requirements.

You can use Conga Billing to manage billing and invoicing more easily. Conga Billing is built on the Salesforce platform and can generate complex yet accurate invoices for any combination of products, services, and subscriptions. 

The Conga Billing application is the front end process that you can use to send an effective invoice to your customers on time, with all accurate information and billing terms. While the order is processed, order information that is available in the contract moves to your finance team for them to generate billing schedules based on the contract.

For every bundle of products, services, and subscriptions, it is critical that the invoice clearly lists all the expenses, changes, swaps, cancellations, and additions to an order. The invoice must also include accurate taxes and discounts. This increases the complexity of the invoice. With  Conga Billing, you can generate an accurate, up-to-date, and comprehensible invoice so your customers understand it easily, pay quickly, and leave with a positive experience. You can rate complex usage scenarios on a daily, monthly or any other frequency of your choosing. Conga Billing also allows you to use pre-payments as a payment mode for usage-based products.

Simplify, automate, and increase the accuracy of your billing processes for customers. Create invoices that reflect the latest customer orders, commitments, and purchased products.  Conga Billing is designed to meet the billing and invoicing requirements of leading enterprises in Cloud, High-Tech, Manufacturing, Life Sciences, and any industry that employs complex pricing mechanisms. It offers extensive solutions for every business requirement you have with billing and invoicing.

Integrate  Conga Billing with Conga CPQ and Conga Contract Lifecycle Management to quickly, effectively, and accurately track purchase and contract details until your customers' order is fulfilled. This is the benefit of the full Quote-to-Cash solution. These features all work together to help you accurately track payments and record revenue you earn from every single deal. Since Conga Billing is highly integrated with Conga CPQ, these two go hand-in-hand. However,  Conga Billing can be easily integrated into any other CPQ running on the Salesforce platform.

Conga Billing allows an administrator to perform the following tasks:

  • Configure Billing for:
    • Stand-alone and bundle products
    • Evergreen products
    • Usage-based products
  • Create Billing Preferences
  • Create Payment Terms
  • Create Dunning Policy
  • Configure Wallets
  • Configure templates
    • Invoice Statement
    • Invoice Email Template
    • Credit Memo Email Template
    • Dunning Policy Template
    • Set template preferences
  • Configure Custom Invoice Numbering
  • Configure Legal Entity based Custom Numbering
  • Integrate Billing with third-party applications
  • Create Billing Plan Templates

Key Terminology

It is important to understand how terms are used when working with  Conga Billing.



Billing Preferences

Drives the generation of Billing Schedules. The Billing Preference that you define determines:

  • Billing schedule alignment based on the billing cycle start day
  • If informational billing schedules are created or hidden

Billing Rule

Determines the date on which an invoice will be generated for a billing schedule.

Credit Memo

A Legal document that states the credit balance. It is issued to counterbalance current invoices or apply to future invoices.

Custom Invoice Numbering

Lets you customize your invoice numbering by adding dynamic prefixes and suffixes.

Invoice Template

Used to generate an Invoice document.


A list of products or services provided, with a statement of a sum due for each product or service sold.

Payment Term

An object used to calculate the invoice due date from the invoice date.