To display Manage Billing Plan button on the cart, you need to add it to the cart page layout.

  1. Go to All Tabs > Config Settings > Display Action Settings
    From Display Type, select the visual force page where you want to place the custom action.
    Click  to add a new action for configuring the new button.
  2. Enter the following values for a new row.

    Column NameValues
    Action Label Name


    (Manage_Billing_Plans is a custom label. To understand how to create a custom label, refer to Post-Installation Configurations in Billing Management Admin Guide.)

    Display AsAction
    Action AreaCenter
    (You can select a value of your choice)
    Action PageApttus_Billing__CartBillingPlans
    Is Enabled Select
    Always Display Select
    Action TypeNone
  3.  Click Save.

You sales representatives should now see a Manage Billing Plan button on the cart page.