You can create custom invoice numbers based on Legal Entity. Custom Numbering functionality is available for Invoice, Split Invoice, Credit Memos, and Wallet Credit records. 

Custom Numbering is applied to an invoice when an invoice is generated for an account related to the Legal Entity. All the credit memos and split invoices generated from that invoice also have custom numbers. 

To apply custom numbers based on the legal entity, 

  1. From the legal entity, click New Legal Entity Custom Numbering Entry from the Legal Entity Custom Numbering Entries related list. 
  2. Enter values for the following fields.

    Legal EntitySelect the Legal Entity from the lookup field
    Numbering TypeSelect the object to apply the custom numbering settings
    Field SeparatorEnter the special character to use as a separator between fields.
    Custom Number Creation OptionSelect one of the following options: Approved - Custom Numbering is only applied if the status of the invoice or the credit memo is Approved Draft - Custom Numbering is also applied on draft invoices and credit memos
    Initial Sequence NumberThe initial number for the custom numbering sequence
    Number of Leading ZerosEnter the number of zeros to precede in the custom number
    Static PrefixEnter the text to use as a prefix
    Field Based PrefixUse this field to prepend values from the legal entity fields for the custom numbering. To enter multiple fields, use comma separated values.
    Static SuffixEnter the text to use as a suffix
    Field Based SuffixUse this field to append values from the legal entity fields for the custom numbering. To enter multiple fields, use comma separated values.
  3. Click Save.

After each use of the record, the next sequence number is auto-incremented. 

Use Case: Creating Custom Numbers for all approved invoices generated for the UK Legal Entity. 

Description: This use case describes how to configure custom invoice numbering based on legal entity.

Suppose for the UK legal entity, you want to generate invoice numbers in the following format: INV-CompanyCode-00001-APP

Pre-requisite: Make sure you have a legal entity named UK associated with your quote/proposal.


  1. Go to UK Legal Entity. Click New Legal Entity Custom Numbering Entry.
  2. Make following entries to form the numbering pattern:
    Numbering Type: Invoice
    Field Separator:
    Custom Number Creation Option: Approved
    Initial Sequence Number: 1
    Number of Leading Zeros: 5
    Static Prefix: INV
    Field Based Prefix: Apttus_Config2__CompanyCode__c
    Static Suffix: APP
  3. Invoice the billing Schedules. 

The invoice is created with the Invoice Number as INV-CODE01-00001-APP. After the invoice is generated, the Next Sequence Number is auto-incremented to 2. 

The next generated invoice will have the Invoice Number as INV-CODE01-00002-APP.