Unlike standard subscriptions, evergreen subscriptions are ongoing unless they are explicitly canceled. 

Auto Renewal and Evergreen Billing

You can also set up a product to be renewed automatically. This is usually for perpetual or evergreen contracts. For example, you are a Sales Representative for a telecommunications company. One of your customers has just signed up for a voice, messaging, and data contract that comes with a new handset. You have decided to provide continued services on the same terms and conditions unless the customer cancels the agreement. You can set this purchase up as a perpetual contract.

While the Billing Frequency for this purchase could be Monthly, Quarterly, Yearly, or based on usage (for this example, let us consider Yearly), you will typically terminate the billing for such a purchase only when your customer explicitly calls to cancel the subscription. In such a case, you can define the Billing Schedules to renew automatically and define the Auto Renewal Type as Evergreen

For Evergreen assets, the number of billing schedules created are defined based on the Auto Renewal Term. 

To define the renewal type for a purchase with a perpetual contract,

  1. On the Product Price List Item, click the Options tab.
  2. Define values for the fields described in the following table.
Auto RenewSelect this check box to enable auto-renewal for the product.
Auto Renewal Type

Select one of the following options from the picklist:

  • Fixed - If the purchase is not a perpetual contract and the billing must end on a predefined date.
  • Evergreen - If the purchase is a perpetual contract and the billing must continue until the customer explicitly requests a cancellation.
Renewal TermAuto Renewal Term defines the number of billing schedules to be created based on the billing frequency. For example, if Billing Frequency is set as monthly and Auto-Renewal Term as 3, 3 billing schedules are created.

   3. Click Save.

To generate evergreen billing schedules for an asset, click Refresh Evergreen Billing from the asset detail page. Refresh Evergreen Billing creates remaining billing schedules based on the Auto Renewal Term. Refresh Evergreen Billing creates billing schedules only for Activated Assets. 

For example, if the Auto Renewal Term is set as 6 and you have 2 invoiced billing schedules and 4 billing schedules with status as Pending Billing, Refresh Evergreen Billing creates 2 new billing schedules.