Apttus Billing Management communicates with third-party secure payment gateways to receive the payment information on invoices.
When customer receives an invoice and pays using any third-party payment solution, the payment detail such as amount, mode, date and other information is passed on to the Apttus Billing Management System and registered as a related A/R transaction corresponding to that transaction type. Transactions can be of different types like payment, invoice, credit memo, refunds etc. In order to handle a variety of transactions,  A/R Transaction object is categorized into

  • Source Related A/R transactions 
  • Destination Related A/R Transactions 

The aim is to have many to one relationship between the Source and the Destination transactions. For example, there can be multiple sources like Credit Memo or Payment which are issued against an invoice which is the destination object. Therefore, whenever a new invoice is generated, a Destination Related A/R Transaction (under Invoice related list) is created. 

For payment against an invoice, a Source Related A/R of the type Payment is added under the invoice related list. If you issue a Credit Memo against an invoice, a Source Related A/R of the type Credit Memo is added under the invoice related list.