In order to provide the flexibility to apply different Billing Rule and Billing Frequency to diverse products, these configurations are done at the PLI level of a product. You can,

  • Define Taxes & Billing 
  • Set Auto Renewal

To define Taxes, Billing Rule, and Billing Frequency 

  1.  Select a Product. Go to Product Console and Edit Price List Item.
  2.  Navigate to Tax and Billing tab. 

    You can configure the following fields:

    Taxable?Select this check box if the order is a taxable product or service.
    Tax Inclusive?Select the check box if the price of the product is inclusive of taxes.
    Tax CodeLookup to select the relevant tax code.                                    
    Billing RuleSelect one of the following options:
    • Bill in Advance - Enables you to invoice the receivables at the beginning of the schedule.
    • Bill in Arrears - Enables you to invoice the receivables at the end of the schedule.
    • Bill on Ready for Billing Date - Enables you to bill your customer with a consolidated invoice, on a day of their choice.
    Billing FrequencySelect one of the following options:
    • Monthly - To generate a bill once every month
    • Quarterly - To generate a bill once every three months
    • Half-yearly - To generate a bill once in the middle of a calendar or financial year.
    • Yearly - To generate a bill once every year
    • Single Period - To generate a single bill for the entire amount even if the product Price Type is Recurring. Please note that Single Period Frequency cannot be used for a product if its Auto Renewal Type is set to Evergreen.
    • Usage -  To generate a bill based on usage or consumption

      For products to be billed as one-time, please select the frequency as One Time.            

      For products with recurring billing subscriptions, you can select frequencies such as monthly, quarterly, half-yearly and yearly. 

  3. Click Save.