Wallet manager allows users to manage funds in a wallet without going through the quoting process. The wallet manager flow is similar to the Asset manager flow however, the wallet manager is applicable only for wallet product types.

To enable the wallet manager flow, admins will have to complete the below configurations.

To Configure Wallet Manager

  1. Create two custom fields on the object Line Item  as follows:

    Field LabelData TypeReturn TypeFormula
    Total BalanceFormulaCurrency


    Available BalanceFormulaCurrencyApttus_Config2__AssetLineItemId__r.Apttus_Config2__AvailableBalance__c
  2. Set up the Wallet Manager Flow.  
    Go to All Tabs → Config Settings → Flow Settings. Use the following values to create the WalletManager Flow. 

    Assets PageApttus_Config2__Cart#assetsgrid
    Cart PageApttus_Config2__Cart#cartgrid
    Catalog Page


    Options Page


    Product Atrribute Detail Page


  3. Set Display Column Properties.
    Go to All Tabs → Config Settings → Display Column Settings. Select Flow as WalletManager. 

    1.  For Display Type as Cart Line Item, Add Adjustment Type and Adjustment Amount fields. Set Is Editable as True. 

      Adjustment Type and Adjustment Amount should be the only editable fields in the WalletManager Flow. Changes to other fields in the wallet manager flow will result in unexpected behavior.

    2. For Display Type as Installed Product, Add Total Balance and Available Balance fields. 

  4. Set Billing System Properties. 
    In Billing System Properties, set the value for Wallet Flow as WalletManager

  5. Create a Config System Property. 
    Go to Custom Settings → Config System Properties. 
    1. Click Manage and create a new config system property. 
    2. Name the Property as WalletManager. 
    3. For the Hide Asset Actions settings, Enter Swap, Relate.

  6. Define an Asset Line Item Filter Callback Class. For details on the classback class, refer to Asset Line Item Filter Callback Class
  7. Register the Asset Line Item Filter Callback Class in Config Custom Classes. 
  8. Define an Asset Line Item Validation Callback Class. For details on the classback class, refer to Asset Line Item Validation Callback Class.
  9. Register the Asset Line Item Validation Callback Class in Config Custom Classes. 
  10. Add the Wallet Manager Button on the Account UI.

    Wallet Manager is a simple formula field that enables you to modify the Wallet which is customer's assets without a proposal.

    1. Click Setup > Create > Objects.
    2. Select the Account object and go to the Custom Fields & Relationships related list. 

    3. Create a new formula field with the label Wallet Manager and Text as Return Type.

    4. In the advanced formula editor, enter the query string with the following parameters.

      HYPERLINK("/apex/Apttus_Config2__AccountOrderCreate?id=" & Id & "&method=csrFlow&priceListId=<pricelistid>&flow=WalletManager&launchState=assets&activateOrder=true&retId=" & Id , IMAGE("/resource/WalletManager", "Wallet Manager"),"_self")

      In the above formula, replace <pricelistid> with the ID of your desired Price List.  

    5. Click Save.

Wallet Manager is configured and ready to use.