You must install Apttus Billing Management package and other associated packages to implement Apttus Billing Management. Salesforce provides a simple wizard-led installation process for these packages.


Apttus recommends downloading and upgrading Apttus packages into a sandbox before provisioning into a production environment. Please contact Apttus Support before installing if you need assistance.

You can check out the Release Notes to get the information on latest package versions. Install the packages in the following order:

OrderPackageInstall Center tab to Access the package
1Apttus Contract ManagementContract Management
2Apttus Proposal ManagementCPQ
3Apttus Configuration & PricingCPQ
4Apttus Quote/Proposal-Configuration IntegrationIntegrations
6Apttus Quote/Proposal-Asset IntegrationCPQ
7Apttus Billing ManagementBilling


You must have Apttus-provided login credentials to access the Apttus Community Portal and download packages.

To install the Apttus Billing Management package

  1. Go to the Install Center within the Apttus Customer Portal.
  2. Under My packages, select Billing and click Install Now.

  3. Select an environment where you want to install the package: Production OR Sandbox

  4. You will be re-directed to the Salesforce AppExchange, where you will use your Salesforce credentials to access the Apttus-managed package.

  5. Agree to the to the terms and conditions and click Confirm and Install!. You may have to log in to Salesforce again with your credentials.
  6. On the Upgrade page, enter the Apttus provided password.
  7. Select the security level. If you know the required settings, select the third option; otherwise, it is recommended that you select the second option and refine the security settings as required later on:
    • Grant access to admins only
    • Grant access to all users
    • Select security settings
  8. Click Next and then click Install/Upgrade.

For using Lightning Experience in your Salesforce org, you must enable My Domain in your organization. To know how to enable My Domain in your org, refer to Salesforce Help page My Domain.

After you complete installing this package, you must customize your settings before you can start creating invoices.