About This Guide

With the Billing Management User Guide, you can find out how Apttus Billing Management works and how to manage your organization's and your customers' billing and invoicing requirements.

What's CoveredThis guide walks the Billing Operation Manager through a set-up of the entire billing process. It covers information, step-by-step instructions, and use cases for the features provided by Apttus Billing Management.
Primary AudienceBilling Operation Manager, Finance User
IT EnvironmentRefer to the latest Billing Management on Salesforce Release Notes for information on System Requirements and Supported Platforms.
UpdatesFor a comprehensive list of updates to this guide for each release, refer to the What's New topic.
Other Resources
  • Billing Management Admin Guide: Refer to this guide for installing and setting-up Billing Management in your organization.
  • CPQ Admin Guide: Refer to this guide for setting up products, price lists, and constraint rules.
  • CPQ User Guide: Refer to this guide for detailed information on Asset Based Operations.
  • X-Author Contracts User Guide: Refer to this Guide for detailed instructions on setting up templates for Invoices and Credit Memo documents.

This guide describes the following tasks: 

  • To oversee and streamline your billing and collections processes.
  • To manage the billing for different types of assets including one time, usage, or recurring.
  • To adjust billing for an asset-based order.
  • To issue billing adjustments, track and approve invoices.
  • To view and understand billing schedules, usage schedules, and billing preferences.
  • To adjust and customize invoice presentation.
  • To coordinate and resolve sales tax issues.
  • To approve tax credit requests from customers.
  • To create custom billing plans and milestone billing plans.

Before using Billing Management, you must be familiar with the following:

  • Basic Salesforce administration

  • Apttus CPQ and Apttus CLM administration

  • Salesforce and Apttus terms and definitions

If you are new to Apttus Billing Management, begin here: Getting Started and About Billing Management.