Credit Memo templates can be created from the Template object located in the header.


Before creating a template of the type Credit Memo, you need to add this type as a picklist value on Template object.

Follow the steps to add a Credit Memo type picklist:

  1. Go to the Template object, under Custom Fields & Relationships click the Business Object Field Label.
  2. In the Picklist Values section, click New to add a new value. Enter CreditMemo__c as the new picklist value and Save.

    If you are adding this value after installing the Billing Package, the picklist value must be a fully qualified object name like Apttus_Billing__CreditMemo__c.

  3. Go back to the Custom Fields & Relationships and click the Type Field label.
  4. In the Picklist Values section, click New to add a new value. Enter Credit Memo as the new picklist value and Save.
    Now that you have Credit Memo picklist added to both the fields, next step is to associate the values.
  5. In the Type field, under Field Dependencies section click Edit next to the Business Object field.

  6. Under Credit Memo column, select CreditMemo__C and click Include Values button to include the picklist values. Click Save.

Creating a Template

You require a template to define how you present information on an Invoice. You can use X-Author for Contracts to create an Invoice and an Invoice Statement template.

To learn about templates, Term exceptions, merge fields and child objects, see the X-Author Contracts User Guide. To know more about creating a template using Microsoft Word, see Managing Templates and Cloning a Template sections in the X-Author Contracts User Guide.  

Please ensure you select Type as Credit Memo during the template creation.