You can split your customer's invoice into two or more invoices. Splitting an invoice is useful when your customers want to spread their payments across multiple invoices.  Suppose your customer has a $100,000 invoice. The customer wants to make 3 payments for this invoice across multiple billing periods. You can split the invoice into 3 based on a percentage that equals 100% of the original invoice. 

To Split an Invoice

  1. From the invoice detail page, click Split Invoice. Split Invoice UI appears.
  2. Enter the number of splits that you want to create for the invoice. 
  3. Enter the Split Percentage and Payment Term for each split.
  4. Select Auto Approve Split Invoices to auto-approve the split invoices on creation. 
  5. Select Bill To account and Location for each Split Invoice. 
  6. Click Split Invoice.

You can only split an approved invoice.

When you split an invoice, the status of the source invoice changes to Distributed status.  The split invoices are created based on the values provided by the user.  Split invoices are created with the same number of invoice line item as that of the source invoice. The amount for the split invoice is distributed based on the split % value. Taxes are recalculated based for the split invoices and Destination Related A/R Transactions are created for each split invoice.

You can generate invoice statement for a split invoice. To generate an invoice statement, refer to Generating an Invoice Statement

You cannot split an invoice if it linked to a Wallet.

Re-splitting a Split Invoice

You can re-split your split invoices if you want to change the split invoices. To re-split an invoice, go to the source invoice and click Split. The Split Invoice UI appears. Splitting a split invoice is only allowed for source invoices that are in draft or distributed status. 

You can not re-split a split invoice once the split invoices are approved, credited or paid.

Canceling a Split Invoice

You cannot cancel a single split invoice. If you cancel a split invoice, all the split invoices belonging to the same source invoice are canceled. After you cancel a split invoice, the status of the source invoice changes back to Approved status. Canceling a split invoice is same as undoing a split.  

You can not cancel an approved split invoice if it has,

  • Applied payments or
  • Credit memos

Credit and Rebill on Split Invoices

You cannot perform credit and rebill action on Split invoices and Source Invoices in Distributed status

To perform credit and rebill, cancel all the split invoices and navigate to the source invoice. For more information, see Credit and Rebill.