Billing Metrics functionality lets you preview the billing effect of asset-based operations without actually performing the actions. It allows you to see the financial impact of canceling or amending a particular asset for a given account. For an account, you can perform the following three actions: 

  • Info
  • Cancel
  • Change

Info action provides you the all the details based on the current state of the billing schedules of the asset. 

Change and Cancel operation allows you to make changes to the asset by modifying the Start Date, End Date, Net Price, and Billing Frequency.

To evaluate billing metrics for an Asset,

  1. Click Billing Metrics API button from the asset line item.
  2. Select Action Type. 
  3. Enter the Start Date, End Date, Net Price, and Billing Schedules.
  4. Click Evaluate.

The evaluated Billing Metrics and Billing Schedules are displayed. 

For detailed information on the impact of Change and Cancel operation on assets, refer to Managing Assets.