For a Quote/Proposal, you can create Forecast Billing Schedules and Forecast Billing Summaries. 

Forecast Billing Summary

Forecast billing summary is a grouped snapshot of the forecast billing schedules. Forecast billing summary provides a graphical view of each billing period.  

Forecast Billing Schedules

Forecasting billing schedules give you a preview of the billing schedules that are generated on the proposal. Forecast billing schedules at a glance provide information about the entire billing cycle.

Generating Forecast Billing for a Quote/Proposal

For a proposal, you can generate forecast billing schedules and present them to your customers on the proposal document. 

Prerequisites: Create a Quote/Proposal for an Opportunity. Enter the expected start date and end date for the Quote/Proposal. 

  1. On the Quote/Proposal, Click Configure Products. 
    On the cart page, select the products that you want to purchase and save the cart. 
  2. Click Present to present the proposal. 
  3. Click Forecast to view the forecast billing schedules.

    Billing administrators need to create Forecast action button. For information on creating and adding Forecast button on the quote/proposal layout, refer to Forecast Billing on Quote/Proposal

  4. Select Forecast Term. 
    1. Current Term: Select this option to generate forecast billing schedules for the current term only. 
    2. Current Term + Renewal Term: Select this option to include the renewal term as well in the forecast data. 
  5. Select the Quote Line Item to generate forecast billing. 
  6. Click Forecast.

 Forecast billing summary and billing schedules are visible. 

Forecast billing schedules are added to the related list of the Quote/Proposal. 

If you make changes to the product configuration or perform asset-based amendments, forecast billing schedules are recalculated based on the changes made to the product or the asset. New forecast schedules are created to reflect the change. To see the impact of asset-based amendments on billing schedules, refer to Managing Assets.

Forecast billing schedules functionality is not supported for:

  • Quote/Proposal associated with a billing plan
  • Informational line items of bundle and option products

To delete forecast billing schedules once the actual billing schedules are generated, select Delete Forecast checkbox in Billing System Properties.

For information on forecasting evergreen or usage products, refer to Forecast Billing Schedules for Usage and Evergreen Products.