You can also create billing plans and billing plan templates directly from your shopping cart.


Billing administrators need to add Manage Billing Plan action button the cart page. For information on adding Manage Billing Plan button on the layout, refer to Manage Billing Plans on Cart.

Creating Billing Plans from Cart UI

To create a billing plan from the cart page,

  1. From your quote/proposal, Click Configure Products.
  2. Add products and services in your cart.
  3. Click Manage Billing Plans.
  4. Click New button next to Billing Plan. The Billing Plan UI appears. 
  5. Configure your billing plan. For information on Billing Plans, refer to Billing Plans
  6. Click Save.
  7. Click Go To Cart to navigate back to your cart page. 

    If you make changes to your product configuration before finalizing your cart, the billing plan is not auto-updated to reflect the changes in your product configuration. 

    Click Manage Billing Plans and make changes to your billing plan. 

  8. Finalize your cart. 

Your billing plan is now linked with the Quote/Proposal. 

If you delete an associated billing plan from the cart, the billing frequencies are recalculated based on your default billing preference. 

You cannot create or edit a billing plan when terminating an asset. 

You can also create a billing plan without a quote using the createBillingPlanWithProductConfiguration API. For more information, refer to Creating Billing Plan without Quote API.