Description: This use case describes how to implement milestone-based billing for your organization.

Suppose you are a billing administrator of a company selling computer hardware and your client has placed an order for 1000 laptops. Your client has agreed to pay in 4 installments, each of 250 laptops. 

To implement milestone based billing

  1. For a Quote/Proposal, Configure Products and add 1000 laptops to your cart.
  2. Finalize your cart. 
  3. Click New Billing Plan from the related Billing Plan line item.
  4. Create billing plan with Plan Type as Milestone and Billing Method as Split Evenly. Enter Number of Installments as 4. 
  5. Enter the expected date for all the billing plan line items. 
  6. Accept the Quote/Proposal.
  7. Activate the Order.


  • 4 Milestones are created
  • 4 Billing Schedules are created with Fee Amount as $250 and Status as 'Pending Milestone'.

Next Step: When a milestone is achieved, edit the milestone and enter Actual Date. This changes the milestone status to Completed. The status of the billing schedules is changed to Pending Billing.