As soon as you accept a Quote/Proposal, an order is generated. Assets and billing schedules are created when you activate that order. 

You can activate an order by entering Ready for Activation date. You can also auto-activate an order on order generation. To auto-activate an order, on the Proposal page, select the Auto Activate Order checkbox. You can also customize order activation based on your business needs.

The order detail page displays key information that is carried forward from the quote/proposal or agreement object. The following table describes the key fields on the order line item. 

Bill ToThe billing address of your customer.
Payment TermPayment term selected to present on the invoice.
Billing PreferenceThe customer's billing preference. 
Ready for Activation DateSelect the date you want the order to be activated. Assets are created and billing schedules are generated when you activate an order. 
Ready for Billing DateThe date you want to start billing your customer for this purchase.
Ready for Revenue Recognition DateThe date you want to start recognizing payments from this customer as revenue.

For a quote, order line items are created for each product in the order. Order line item contains details about the products such as Net Price, Ready for Activation Date, and Quantity. 

Disengage Billing Schedule Creation from Order Activation 

When you activate an order, asset line items are created for all the product line items. Apttus Billing Management automatically creates a Billing Schedule for every activated order. However, if you want to disengage the creation of billing schedules from order activation, you can do so with the help of a Custom Setting, Initiate Billing on Order Activation. 

To disengage Billing Schedule creation on Order Activation

  1. Go to Custom Settings.
  2. Under Order System Properties, click Manage. 
  3. Uncheck Initiate Billing On Order Activation.
  4. Click Save.

By default, Initiate Billing on Order Activation is enabled. Thereby billing schedules are created when you activate an order line item. If you disable this setting, billing schedules are not auto-created on order activation. Billing schedules are created when you populate the Ready for Bill Date on the order line item.