New Features 

The following new features are available for this release:

New Contract Profile Beta Features

The new Contract Profile user interface is now available for beta testing in sandbox accounts only by request. If you'd like to enable the new Contract Profile in your sandbox, contact your Customer Success Manager. This is a beta preview and does not yet contain all the features and functionalities of the current interface. For more information, see New Contract Profile User Interface Updates.

The following New Contract Profiles features were added:

Contract Details

You can now Add, Edit, or Delete responsibilities in Contract Details. 

Flow Steps 

You can now view Flow Steps in the head panel of Contract Details to quickly check the status of where your contract is in the approval process.

Flow Step Actions

You can now view available actions to select on the right side of flow steps.

Profile Rules Updates

Updates were made so that Profile Rules continue to run on the New Contract Profile User Interface as expected. 

New Font for Contract Profile UI (Beta Feature)

OpenSans was added as a font for the new Contract Profile User Interface. 

New Contract Profile Flow Stages Header

Flow Steps are now available as part of your header panel so that you view Flow Stages and follow up on approvals or actions. For more information see New Contract Profile User Interface Updates.

New Contract Profile Record Details Editing 

Based on your role as a Contract Admin, you can now edit contract record details in the new Contract Profile user interface.

Salesforce Sync Panel

  • On the right panel of the Contract Profile, there is now a Salesforce Sync section that displays the following relevant sync information: Status, Time, Record ID, and Connection. To enable this setting, go to System Settings and check the Enable Conga Platform option.
  • On a Contract Record, there is now a Contract Platform Exclude option when you create or edit a contract. When this option is checked, the selected record will not sync with Salesforce and the Salesforce Sync Panel will not display.

Contract Profile Rules

  • Contract Administrators can create Action Types in Contract Profile Rules to Required and Default by navigating to Profile Rules > Contract Profile Rules > New Rule > Action Types. Also, existing profile rules of the action type Required and Default will be processed and rendered on the new Contract Profile page.

Archive Contract

  • You can now select the Archive option to archive a contract. Archived records will not be visible in views, search results, or retrieved through APIs

Copy Contract Details

  • You can now select the Copy option from the Contract Details panel to quickly copy a contract.

Contract Profile Creation

  • You can now create a Contract Profile from either the Company Profile or the Add Contracts option. 

Flow Action Button Placement

  • Adjustments were made to the placement of the new Flow Action buttons. 

API Enhancement

  • You can now update the companyID field on the Contract object to an existing and valid Company using Conga Contracts API.

API Documentation

  • API Guides for REST and SOAP API are now available. For more information, see Conga Contracts API Guides.