Collaborate documents have six possible statuses: Draft, Open, Accepted, Declined, Voided, and Pending Approval.

Document statuses give you insight into the part of your process that a document is in. Using document statuses, you can determine whether a document is being created and worked on, has been published and sent to the client, or has been signed or declined by your recipient. In addition, the Pending Approval status tells you that a document has been submitted into a Salesforce approval process.


  • Draft - an unpublished document. This document is editable and cannot be sent to recipients
  • Open - a published document. This status indicates it is ready to be sent to recipients. Documents that are currently being versioned also have this status. The majority of the document is no longer editable outside of document properties found in the Properties panel.
  • Accepted - a document signed by the client (either using Octiv e-signature, DocuSign, or upload signed PDF for acceptance). Accepted documents cannot be deleted unless first marked as Voided, can no longer be versioned, and are no longer editable outside of a few document properties located in the Properties panel.
  • Declined - a document either declined by the client or manually marked as declined by a Collaborate user
  • Voided - a document that has been marked as no longer valid. A published document can be marked as Voided at any point, even if it has not been Accepted by the client. Voiding a document is irreversible and cannot be undone
  • Pending Approval - a document that has been submitted into a Salesforce approval process. This status requires that a Salesforce integration is present and also that the Collaborate/Salesforce approval process integration has been configured.