Call to Action buttons allow your document recipients to interact with your documents online.

Call to Action buttons speed execution time of your documents by giving your recipients easy ways to interact with the document while viewing it. There are several types of Call to Action buttons that can be added to individual documents or templates in order to allow different types of recipient interaction:

Accept: prompts the recipient to sign a document by using the configured eSignature tool - Conga Sign, DocuSign, or the Conga Collaborate eSignature tool. When you add a recipient to a document, you must also ensure they are marked as a "Signer" in order to allow them to use this button. If configured with your eSignature tool, you will also be prompted to enter a signing order.

Decline: enables the recipient to decline a document and include a comment as to why.

Ask a Question: gives the recipient a chance to submit a question or comment to the document owner, who then receives the question via an email notification outside of Conga Collaborate.

Add People: allows the recipient to forward a document to colleagues for viewing, redlining, or signature. When you add a recipient to a document, you must also given them permission to "Add People" for this button to work.

Change Request (contracts only): lets the recipient create a change request on the contract and return it to the document owner or change request approver for review.

  1. In the document or template you want to add buttons to, click the plus sign with a dotted outline in the header of the document.
  2. After clicking the button, you'll see a dropdown menu of button types. Use the Button Label field to enter a button label, and then select the type of action you want your button to perform.
  3. Click Save.

To edit or delete a button you've created, hover over the button, and click the pencil icon in the upper right corner. You will see a dropdown menu that enables you to edit or delete. A document owner can also add or remove a Call to Action button after a document has been published and sent and even viewed. However, a Call to Action button cannot be added after document acceptance.

When sending a document to a recipient, you must also ensure that each recipient has the correct permissions to use the buttons on the document.

A recipient must be marked as a Signer in order to allow them to use the Accept button on a document. If your eSignature tool configuration allows it, you will be prompted to enter a Signer Order as well.

A recipient must have the "Can add signers" or "Can add collaborators" permission in order to use the Add People button and add additional viewers, redliners, or signers to a document.

A recipient must have the "Can Redline" permission in order to use the "Change Request" button (Contracts only).