If your recipient opts to return a wet-signed PDF version of your document via email rather than applying an e-signature to the on-line version, the PDF file can be used to move a document from an Open state to Accepted.

Upload a signed PDF in order to mark a Collaborate document as Accepted.

If a client wants to sign through wet signature or your process is such that it requires signing outside of Collaborate in any way, you will want to be able to mark the original Collaborate document as Accepted in order to keep your records up to date.

Follow these steps:

  1. Open the build view of a published document
  2. Open the Properties panel
  3. Click the Status dropdown at the top of the Properties panel
  4. Select the option Mark as Accepted and Upload Wet Signature
  5. In the Upload Signed Document modal, click Choose file
  6. Select your signed PDF file that corresponds with the Collaborate document
  7. Click Submit

​​​​​​​Your Collaborate document will now show a status of Accepted. In addition, the uploaded PDF will be viewable within the Properties panel underneath the document status bar. Finally, downloading the Collaborate document to PDF will now produce the signed PDF that you uploaded in step six instead of the web version of the document.