When you launch Digital Commerce, the landing page appears. A landing page is the initial or main page of your storefront. You can do one or more the following from the landing page:

  • Navigate through Category Hierarchy
  • Navigate through the Header. The header section provides capabilities such as Account management, Multi-currency support, search and mini cart.
  • Jumbotron (Banner Images)
  • Product Cohorts (Highlighted Products)
  • Navigate to other features through the Footer

There are two types of users who can access your storefront - Guest User and Logged in User.

As a guest user, you can do one or more of the following limited tasks:

  • Launch Digital Commerce
  • View banners and highlighted products
  • Browse the catalog page and navigate through Category Hierarchy
  • View the product details along with its configuration and attachments, if any
  • Use text search to search and select a product or product family
  • Compare more than one product features

As a logged in user, you can:

  • Log in to Digital Commerce
  • Access your account page to:
    • View list of orders and its details
    • Open an order
    • View Addresses
    • View Carts / Wishlists
  • Browse the catalog page and navigate through Category Hierarchy and add to cart.
  • Configure products as follows:
    • Multi-Level Bundles (Nested Bundles)

    • Options & Attributes Configuration

      • Product Level Attributes

      • Option Level Attributes

  • If you have Promotions enabled, you can:
    • Auto-apply applicable promotions to the items selected in cart
    • View applied promotion details in cart
    • Apply manual promotions based on coupons in cart
  • View Constraint Rules and add to the cart from the Catalog page
  • Compare more than one product features and add to cart directly from the Compare Products page
  • If you have Asset Based Ordering enabled, you can view assets on the catalog page through the Installed Products page. You can renew a couple of products and terminate a product. For more details, refer to Asset Based Ordering.
  • View and manage mini cart
  • Checkout of cart