In these release notes, you can find packages, requirements, features, enhancements, fixed issues, and known issues for the Conga CLM (Contracts for Salesforce) February23.03.15 release.  For documentation updates, see What's New in Contracts for Salesforce Documentation.

This documentation may contain descriptions of software features that are optional and for which you may not have purchased a license. As a result, your specific software solution and/or implementation may differ from those described in this document. Please contact your CSM or AE for information on your specific features and licensing.


The following packages and dependent packages are required to upgrade to this release to utilize all the new features of this release. These are the minimum required versions; later versions are also supported. Separate prerequisites for each feature can be found in the respective guides. The packages marked as (New) are new packages in this release.


Latest Certified Version Number

Conga CLM (Contracts for Salesforce)(New


For more information on installing CLM (Contracts for Salesforce) managed packages, see Installing Contracts for Salesforce. For more information on upgrading CLM managed packages, see Upgrading Contracts for Salesforce.

System Requirements and Supported Platforms 

For requirements and recommendations to consider before installing the Conga product suite, see System Requirements and Supported Platforms Matrix.

New Features 

There were no new features added in this release. 


The following enhancements was added in this release:

Default Cycle Definitions for Cycle Time Reporting

Contracts for Salesforce Cycle Time Reporting now provides several out-of-the-box default cycle definitions for you to use. Fore more information, see About Cycle Definitions and Creating Default Cycle Definitions

Multiple Business Hours Support

Cycle Time Reporting now supports multiple Business Hours and you can select what business hours are associated with a cycle definition. For more information see Setting Up Business Hours and Creating Custom Cycle Definitions

Fixed Issues

The following table lists the issues fixed in this release. If any actions are required, they will be listed in this table.

Case Number

Conga Internal ID


00826394CFS-1252When you go to Conga CLM Setup and click Start Automatic Configuration to configure an object for Conga Contracts for Salesforce, the following error results: Configuration error. Check connection to application. 

Known Issues

There were no known issues in this release.

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