Clients are unable to deploy new code changes to Production after the Conga Contracts upgrade to version 2.22 for the Clause Library. This affects the custom unmanaged packed for Clause selections.

Steps to Resolve

Conga updated the files in the solution that create Bundle clauses to create and include a Clause Configuration value. To correct the error that occurs after the update, take the following steps:

  1. For Apex Class: ManagedClauseCreationTestDataFactory: the create ClauseBundle method of the fix to go to line 145 add the following code to create a Clause Configuration record:
    1. //Create clause configuration APXT_Redlining__Clause_Configuration__c clauseConfiguration = new APXT_Redlining__Clause_Configuration__c(); clauseConfiguration.APXT_Redlining__Clause__c = clauses[0].Id; clauseConfiguration.Name = 'Test'; insert clauseConfiguration;
  2. Then at line 166 (the creation of APXT_Redlining__Bundle_Clause__c records) add:
    1. APXT_Redlining__Clause_Configuration__c = clauseConfiguration.Id,
  3. Add the updates to a Conga CFS Fix change set and push to Production.

When the changeset is pushed to Production there is the risk of new issues being found. We recommend Conga push to Production so we can iterate if other errors appear.