Document Types and Capture mode are features in Contracts for Salesforce 1.56 and newer that enable users to negotiate, redline, and True-Up enhanced CPQ documents and other documents not generated by Composer.

To use Document Types with non-Composer generated documents (including third-party documents):

  1. Navigate to the Document Type tab.
  2. Click New.
  3. Enter a Document Type Name.
  4. The Target Object Name should be the name of the object where the document is stored. For example, select SBQQ__Quote__c for CPQ documents.
  5. Select a Clause Type. For example, CPQ Quote Terms if you are working with CPQ or Conga Clause Library if you are working with Contracts Business CLM Edition or higher.
  6. Click Save.
  7. Upload your non-Composer document.
  8. Click Capture.

Using Capture Mode

In Capture mode, you are able to highlight specific text in the document and map it to corresponding fields and clauses in Salesforce. You can use the Send for Negotiation, View Redlines, and True-Up features with the non-Composer, or enhanced CPQ document in Contracts for Salesforce.

After clicking Capture on the Document Type record:

  1. Highlight text to capture.
  2. A pop-over window appears. Select the Clause or Salesforce Field where you want to map the text.
  3. Click Add.
  4. Repeat for all relevant text.
  5. When finished, click Save Document Type.

When you click Save Document Type, Contracts creates a new File and attaches it to the Files related list on the Document Type record. This new file contains metadata (ADDIN tags) around the portions of the document mapped in capture. If you need to make modifications to the mappings in your Document Type record, delete the File generated by Contracts so that only the original document is included on the Document Type record. Then click Capture again to update the mappings to Salesforce fields.

Send for Negotiation

Now you are ready to Send for Negotiation. Ensure the non-Composer document is attached to the record you are working with as a Salesforce file. If the file was not emailed to you as part of a negotiation, you can manually upload the file.

  1. Click Send for Negotiation on the record you are working with. It is the record that has the non-Composer document attached.
  2. Enter the email information.
  3. Use the Search Box to Set the Document Type to be the file just created. Contracts for Salesforce now has the necessary information to track redlines and True-Up changes on the document.
  4. Click Send to send the document for negotiation.

When the counter-party returns the document, you can use the View Redlines and True-Up features.

Document Types are recommended for recurring negotiations. If you are dealing with a one-time negotiation, Conga does not recommend using Document Types.