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Summer 2021 (Rev C)


CLM (Conga Contracts for Salesforce) End-User Process with Composer Document GenerationUpdated topic steps and links.
Overview of the Clause LibraryUpdated steps and links.
Configuring a CLM (Conga Contracts for Salesforce) Word Template SolutionUpdated steps and links. 
Create Composer Button to Generate Document for Conga Contracts for SalesforceUpdated steps and links.
Auto-Numbering ClausesRenamed from "Numbering of clauses when you add or re-order clauses", updated steps, and updated links. 
Merging Sub Clauses into a Contract Document with ComposerUpdated steps, graphics, and links. 
Enabling Additional Rich Text Formatting for Contracts for SalesforceUpdated topic name, steps, and bullet points. 
Changing a Document NameUpdated steps. 
Summer 2021 Rev B


Managing Approvals in Object MappingNew topic. 
Summer 2021 Rev A


Reporting on Non-standard ClausesRenamed from "Creating an Inventory of Non-standard Clauses Report" and updated steps. 

Summer '21


Replacing a Clause with an Alternate ClauseUpdated to remove note stating that CLM (Contracts for Salesforce) is not supported. This feature is now available for CLM (Contracts for Salesforce) with OCC in Summer'21. 
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Spring 2021 (Rev A)

Using the Automatic ConfiguratorUpdated the list of actions the automatic configurator performs. 
Spring 2021 User GuideNoneThere are no new topics for the Spring '21 Release. See What's New in Administrator Guide for new integration features with Online Contract Collaboration.