To enable automated recursive merge, first make sure the following prerequisites are met:

  • Enable Automated Recursive Merge for your Org.
  • A Composer button with the following parameters when not using background mode:
    • &RM=1 that saves the Contract document to the object. We recommend using the Contract Agreement object.
    • &SC0=1
    • &SC1= SalesforceFile
    • &DataTagEnable=1
    • &Queryid= your custom value
    • &Templateid= your custom value
  • With background mode, you can also use the following options:


The following steps are how to enable automated recursive merge on the non-Contract Agreement object. If you are using the Contract Agreement object instead, see How to Enable Automated Recursive Merge on the Contract Agreement Object. For the following example, the steps refer to the Contract object.

Once the prerequisites are met, take the following steps:

  1. Navigate to the Contract object, and click View Object.
  2. Click Fields.
  3. Under Contract Custom Relationships & Fields, click New.
  4. Under New Custom Field > Data Type, select Picklist.
  5. Under Field Label, enter the following: Recursive Merge Status
  6. Under Values, select Use global value set and select Recursive Merge Status from the dropdown menu.
  7. Make sure the Field name is exactly the following: Recursive_Merge_Status
  8. Click Next.
  9. Add the Recursive Merge Status field to your profiles and layouts.

The Contract Object now has the Recursive Merge Status field. You can select the following status options from the dropdown menu: Do Not Sync, Sync, and Already Synced.