In Contracts for Salesforce, you can send a CPQ generated document for negotiation and use True-Up to add the data within the document that is redlined (lines in the document that were changed). The Capture feature adds your CPQ document updates to Salesforce. For more information about the feature, see Capture mode.

This scenario assumes you want to create a new Document Type and you know what object clause types to use.

To use Capture mode:

  1. Navigate to the Document Type tab.
  2. Click New.
  3. Enter a Document Type Name.
  4. The Target Object Name should be the name of the object where the document is stored. For example, select SBQQ__Quote__c for CPQ documents.
  5. Select a Clause Type. For example, CPQ Quote Terms if you are working with CPQ or Conga Clause Library if you are working with Contracts Business CLM Edition or higher.
  6. Click Save.
  7. Upload your non-Composer document.
  8. Click Capture.
  9. Highlight the text of the object in the document. For example, highlight the Quote Term and click Add and Save. For example:

A new file was created on the Document Type tab. If you open the new document, you should see that bookends were added.

To use Capture mode and True-Up:

This scenario assumes you are working with a Composer generated document with contract controls enabled and text was added by a different administrator or another client. The new text needs to be added to Salesforce.

  1. Open the new version of the document that includes the updated text and click True-Up.
  2. A new Pop-up window appears and suggests options to be selected related to the new text, for example, the Pop-up window might suggest a new clause or contract term.
  3. For this example, Select New clause, name the clause and click Save.
  4. Click True-Up. Create a new managed clause on the contract master record.
  5. Navigate back to the appropriate contract org. You should see the new clause text that was added in the Latest revision text (Rich) field on the record.

To use Capture mode with third-party documents:

This scenario assumes you have a document but it has been replaced with another document from a third-party. You might want to store the document in Contracts for Salesforce only or reuse the new document later.

  1. If you want to store the new document, select True Up. If you want to reuse the document, create a new Document Type. To create a new Document Type, see the instruction on how to use Capture mode.
  2. You must create a new Document Type and Capture the terms you might want to reuse later.
  3. Click View Redlines and make your selections in the Pop-up window and Save.