To use the functionality of Contracts for Salesforce some of the components must be visible on the Contract page layout. The package comes with a basic page layout that includes these components for organizations that have a light configuration or just want to easily try out Contracts for Salesforce.

For more complex organizations, you may wish to add these components to your existing page layouts. Where you position these components is up to the admins of your organization and will not affect functionality.

At minimum, the following buttons must be added to the page layout:

  • View Redlines (APXT_Redlining__View_Redlines)
  • Select Primary Document (APXT_Redlining__Select_Primary_Document)
  • Send for Negotiation (APXT_Redlining__Send_for_Negotiation)
    It is also recommended to add the following custom field to the page layout:
  • Primary Document (APXT_Redlining.Primary_Document__c)

For new organizations, we recommend using the Files related list instead of Notes & Attachments. Older organizations may wish to continue using Notes & Attachments if they have existing attachments. These orgs may enable Files uploaded to the Attachments related list on records are uploaded as Salesforce Files, not as attachments setting under Salesforce Files > General Settings to ensure future documents are attached as Files rather than attachments.

Finally, for Lightning experience users we recommend adding the Contract Activity Component to your Lightning page layout. This component comes with the APXT_Redlining package.