Create a Composer button to deliver the final document for execution. The button includes:

  • Select the primary (final) document
  • (Optional) Deliver document as PDF
  • Deliver according to the specified delivery method (such as email or eSignature with Conga Sign, DocuSign, Adobe Sign, or Sertifi)

To create this Composer button:

  1. Create button and add to page layout.
  2. Add the &TemplateId parameter so Composer selects the final version of the document. Use the following field as the value of the parameter: {!Contract.APXT_Redlining__Primary_Document__c}

    If there are multiple Salesforce Files attached to the record, users need to click Select Primary Document to populate the Primary Document field with the correct id before executing the final document.

  3. (Optional) Add the &DefaultPDF parameter to deliver the final document as a PDF.
  4. Configure preferred delivery method (email, eSignature, etc.).

The URL below is an example of a Composer button on the Contract object that selects the latest File version of the document, converts it to PDF, and sends for eSignature using Conga Sign.