When using X-Author for Contracts to create templates for use with Conga Contracts for Salesforce, you have the option to select Business Objects to include. There are standard business objects which are automatically included, or you can configure custom business objects for use:

Standard Business Objects

By default, there are two Business Objects for X-Author for Contracts available after you install Conga Contracts for Salesforce:

  • Contract Agreement
  • Contract

Custom Business Objects

You can setup custom Business Objects for X-Author by taking the following steps:

  1. Install Conga Contracts for Salesforce.
  2. Follow the instructions in Using the Automatic Configurator.

Your custom Business Object is now available for use in X-Author for Contracts.


You do not need to run the automatic configurator if you only want to use the Contract Agreement or Contract objects. These two objects are available by default.