Secure Mass Update is no longer supported or available for installation. The current Secure Mass Update functionality is available in the latest Conga Grid solution.

The Secure Mass Update application has the ability to update within a Related List. Let’s say, for example, you want the ability to Mass Update Cases that a particular Contact is associated with. Start by adding the Mass Update button to the Case object. Since we want to update the Cases on the Contact page layout, we need to be able to Mass Update Cases first. To do this, follow the installation instructions in the “About Secure Mass Update” section of the App.

  1. Go into Setup, go under the Build Menu, and under Customize open the Drop-Down Menu for Contacts. OpenPage Layouts and Edit the Contact Layout. Under the Related Lists, open the Properties menu for Cases.
  2. Click on the Drop-Down for Buttons and Add the Mass Update button to the Selected Buttons list.
  3. Now the Mass Update button will appear in the Case Related list for a selected Contact.
  4. Now you can Mass Update Cases within a selected Contact.