Secure Mass Update is no longer supported or available for installation. The current Secure Mass Update functionality is available in the latest Conga Grid solution.

Here are the steps on applying Secure Mass Update to the Activities object.


There is no standard object tab for Activities, as it is a combination of Events and Tasks. Because of this, the setup for Secure Mass Update adds a few more simple steps.
  1. Clicking on the “Display Button” on Search Results will produce an error. This is to be expected, as Tasks and Events do not support Search Results. It also will not function for the List View They will have to be added manually.
  2. Under the Secure Mass Update app menu, select the Secure Mass Update Settings Tab. You will need to make two separate Tables, one for Tasks and one for Events. With each Table, you will need to create an individual Field Set. Click the “Create Button” to populate it automatically.
  3. You only need to Click Create Button for Events or Tasks, not both.
  4. To add the Buttons to the Search Results and List Views, click Setup, go under the Build Menu, and under Customize open the Drop-Down Menu for Activities.
  5. Click Activity Search Layouts, and go into Edit for Search Results. Under the Custom Buttons list, Add the Mass Update button to the Selected Buttons list.
  6. Repeat this process for the Activities List View.

Now the Mass Update button will appear on the List View for Activities. Now, you have the ability to Mass Update Tasks and Events simultaneously!