You can share a downloadable link for downloading multiple documents of multiple agreements through email. You can send the email to selected contacts or to a user group without downloading the agreement documents and sending them through email individually. You can send multiple documents from the Agreements tab or search results from the Smart Search tab. 


To email multiple agreements

  1. Navigate to the Agreements tab or navigate to the Smart Search tab and generate search results.
  2. Select the checkboxes for the agreements that you want to email.


    You cannot select more than 200 agreements. 

  3. Click Email Agreement(s) Document(s)
    This displays the Select Agreement(s) Documents(s) To Email page. The related documents are nested below the agreement.
  4. Select the header checkbox before the agreement name to select all documents belonging to the agreement or select documents from multiple agreements based on your requirement.
    The Email Downloadable Link button is enabled.


    The recommended maximum file size to email agreements is 2 GB PDF or 150 MB MS Word document and the recommended maximum number of flies to email agreements is 100.

  5. To email the downloadable link, click Email Downloadable Link.
    This displays a message that the downloadable link is being generated.
  6. To add or remove the selected agreements, click Modify Agreement Selection. This opens the Modify Agreement Selection window.
    You can perform the following actions on the Modify Agreement Selection window:
    1. Click the Next or Previous links to navigate to other pages.
    2. From the List of Unselected Agreements, select the agreements you need to add to the selection and click Add Selected.
    3. From the List of Selected Agreements, select the agreements you need to remove from the selection and click Remove Selected.
    4. Click Apply.
      The agreements that have documents are displayed on the Select Agreement(s) Document(s) To Email page.
  7. When the downloadable link is ready, the Send an Email page is displayed.
  8. Enter or use the lookup icon to add recipients to the Related ToAdditional To, Cc or Bcc fields.

  9. Click Send.
    An email is sent to all recipients.

To download the agreement documents 

When Password protection is optional and defaults to ON or Password protection is required options are selected for content-delivery password protection, you will receive two separate emails—one with the download link for agreement documents and one with the password to download the agreement document. When Password protection is optional and defaults to OFF is selected for content-delivery password protection, you will receive only one email containing the download link for agreement documents. If the agreement documents size exceeds 50MB, you will receive multiple download links in the email. 

  1. Navigate to your email client and open the emailNotification: Agreement documents are ready for download.
  2. Click the Download Agreement Documents hyperlink.
    This opens the link in your default browser and you will be prompted to provide the password.
  3. Navigate to your email client and open the email—Notification: Password(s) to download agreement document(s).
  4. Copy the document password and navigate back to the browser and paste the password in the Password Required field.
  5. Click Go!.
  6. Click the Download button on the top of the page.

    This downloads the AgreementDocuments_DD-MM-YYYY file. 

  7. Extract the documents from the .zip file. The document name is appended with a numeral when the documents have the same name.


It is recommended to clean the File Storage of your org regularly.