The following table contains a list of agreement fields along with its detailed description.

Field LabelDescriptionData TypeRequiredDefault ValueReserved
AccountThe link to the account record to identify the external party to this agreement.Lookup(Account)Yes
Activated ByAuto populated with the user who activates the agreement in the system. Read-only.

Activated DateAuto populated with the date on which the agreement was activated in the system. Read-only.Date

Agreement CategoryUsed to categorize agreement types. This can be agreement type specific (add appropriate values for each agreement type) and can also be used for template filtering.Picklist

Agreement End DateThe end date for an agreement. A required field on activation, if the agreement is not perpetual.DateYes
Agreement NameUnique identifier for the agreement record. This name appears in page layouts, related lists, lookup dialogs, search results, and key lists on tab home pages. By default, this field is added to the custom object page layout as a required field.Text(80)Yes
Agreement NumberThe system assigned unique agreement number. Identifies the agreement number, including the version number.  Use this field to display on screens, reports, dashboards, search filters and columns, and more.Auto NumberYes 
Yes. Not changeable by user.
Agreement Start DateThe effective date of the agreement. A required field on activation.DateYes
Amendment Effective Date

The date from which the amendment is effective. If set during agreement creation, this field is auto-populated in the amended agreement.


Auto RenewIndicates whether the agreement will auto renew.Check box

Auto Renewal TermsSpecifies any terms associated with auto renewal.Long Text Area (32000)

Business HoursCorporate Business Hours associated with the agreement; used for cycle time reporting.Lookup(Business Hours)

Company Signed ByLink to contact record to identify internal signatory.Lookup(Contact)Yes 

Company Signed DateDate when internal signatory signed.DateYes

Company Signed TitleTitle of person signing on the behalf of Company.Text(80)

Contract Duration (Days)The duration from Start Date to End Date in days. Shown when agreement is 'In Effect'.Formula(number)Yes

Contracted DaysDays from Contract Start Date to Current Date if the contract is In Effect and Start Date is set.Formula(number)Yes

Created ByUser who created the recordLookup(User)Yes – System assigned
DescriptionDetailed description of an agreement.Long Text Area(32000)Yes

Executed Copy Mailed Out DateDate on which the final, executed copy was mailed out to the external party.Date

Executed DateThis is a date field that is auto-populated when a document is eSigned (Adobe Sign or DocuSign) by all the recipients. A user can manually enter the date when the document has wet signatures and when the signed document is uploaded manually.Date

Initiation TypeTo indicate whether this record is being filed as an executed agreement or is being negotiated in the system.PicklistYes - System assignedNegotiate Contract Yes. Not changeable by user.
Internal Renewal Notification DaysNotification period prior to Renewal Notice Date when notification is sent out internally to indicate that renewal is approaching. Email alert needs to be setup, if needed.NumberYes

Internal Renewal Start DateAuto populated with Date by which internal notice of internal renewal is approaching. It is calculated as Issue Renewal Notice Date minus Internal Renewal Notification days.DateYes – System assigned, changeable by user

Last Modified ByUser who most recently changed the recordLookup(User)Yes – System assigned
Non Standard Legal Language?To indicate whether this agreement contains non-standard language.Checkbox

Other Party Returned DateThe date on which other party returned the signed agreement.Date

Other Party Sent DateAuto populated with the Date on which agreement was first sent to other parties for review or signatures.Date

Other Party Signed ByLink to contact record to identify external signatory.Lookup(Contact)

Other Party Signed By (Unlisted)External signatory identifier (when signatory is not maintained as contact (record) in the system).Text Area

Other Party Signed DateDate when external signatory signed.Date

Other Party Signed TitleTitle of person signing on behalf of Other Party.Text

Outstanding DaysShows the number of days between date agreement was today, if not returned. Else number of days between returned and sent.Formula(number)

OwnerAssigned owner of the agreement recordLookup(User)Yes – System assigned, changeable by userLogin UserYes
Owner Expiration NoticeTo indicate the number of days prior to the expiration date that a notification needs to be sent to the owner.Picklist
90 Days
Parent AgreementReference to the parent agreement if the current agreement was created as a child or assigned manually.Lookup(Agreement) 

PerpetualIdentifies whether the agreement has a specified end date or if it is open-ended.Checkbox

Primary ContactPrimary external contact for the agreement.Lookup(Contact)

Record TypeThe agreement type for this recordRecord TypeYesAgreement Type from selection screenYes
Related OpportunityIdentifies the opportunity related to the agreement.Lookup(Opportunity)

Remaining Contracted DaysIf the agreement is In Effect, this value is calculated as Contract Duration Days less Contracted Days.Formula(number)

Renewal ConsentIndicates whether consent is required to extend or renew the agreement.Checkbox

Renewal Notice DateIt is calculated as Agreement End Date less Renewal Notice Days.Formula(Date)

Renewal Notice DaysThe number of days before Agreement End Date when renewal notice is due.Number

Renewal Term (Months)The number of months to extend the agreement.Number

Renewal TermsSpecifies any terms for renewal.Text Area

Request DateThe date when the agreement was requested.Date

RequestorAgreement Requestor (user).Lookup(user)

Risk RatingThis field allows users to track agreement risk rating.Number(5, 2)

SourceSpecifies the source of the agreement—Internal Paper or Other Party Paper.Picklist
Internal PaperYes. Not changeable by user.
Special TermsIdentifies any special terms related to the agreement.Text Area

StatusThe sub stage of an agreement—the status underneath a given status category. These are generally modifiable by the customer except for the following values which are reserved to manage agreement life cycles: Request, Submitted Request, Cancelled Request, In Amendment, Being Amended, Superseded, Activated, Expired, Internal Signatures, Author Contract, Expired, Terminated,  Ready for Signatures, Fully Signed, Signature Declined.Picklist

Status CategoryThe higher level state of the agreement-In Authoring, In Effect, Expired, and more. These are reserved values.Picklist
RequestYes. Not changeable by user.
SubtypeThe subtype of the agreement for a given agreement type. The user specifies the values based on their agreement types.Picklist (Default)

Term (Months)Identifies the term of an agreement, in months, from the Agreement Start Date.Number

Termination CommentsComments for the termination of an agreement.Long Text Area(32000)

Termination DateDate when the agreement was terminated.Date

Termination Notice DaysNotice period, in days, prior to the termination of agreement.Number

Termination Notice Issue DateDate when the termination notice for an agreement was sent or received.Date

Total Agreement ValueTotal value of an agreement.Currency (16, 2)

VersionThe version number of the agreement that is incremented each time an agreement is amended.Number (3,0)Yes – System Assigned