In most cases, you will create an agreement record from the standard Salesforce Opportunities tab, Accounts tab or the Agreements tab.


You can also create an agreement using the Contract Wizard. The Wizard enables you to choose from and execute runtime Wizard instances based on pre-configured Wizards to create well-formed agreements. The Contract Wizard allows legal experts to pre-define the desired interface look and feel as well as the desired process flows and contents which will be used by non-legal experts in any function.

When drafting your agreement record, you fill out certain mandatory data fields, such as Agreement Name and Account for your agreement record. The system automatically populates the system fields, such as Status Category and Status fields, which help in identifying which step of the agreement process is currently in the agreement lifecycle. Agreement Status Category is a group of various Statuses. You can select the Status based on their respective process steps.

For details on various Status categories, Statuses, and Agreement Actions, see Status Categories and Statuses and Actions.


Each agreement type can have data fields that are specific to an agreement type.

To complete the agreement, you must fill out various data fields relevant to your agreement. For the complete list of agreement fields, see Agreements Fields

To Create an Agreement

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To create an agreement record:Agreement: Create, Edit.
  1. Navigate to the agreement you just created to generate an agreement document. Navigate to the Opportunities or the Accounts tab, scroll down to the Agreements related list, and click New Agreement
    - OR - 
    Navigate to the Agreements tab, and click New.
    can accommodate any type of Agreement Category such as Sales, Procurement, Services, Corporate and Other.


     If the default Agreement type is not set up for your org or you see only one agreement type, you will be navigated to the New Agreement page.

    The Select Agreement Record Type page is displayed.

  2. Choose an option from the Record Type of new record drop-down list, select the desired record type and click Continue. The New Agreement page is displayed.
    This is an intermediate page that allows you to enter values for certain important fields in your agreement record. You must complete all required fields (marked in red) at a minimum. Fields included on this page are configured by a FieldSet.
  3. Click Continue. The Agreement Edit form is displayed.
  4. Enter values for any required fields (marked in red) and additional fields as needed to complete the agreement record details.
  5. Click Save.
    You have created an agreement record.


If the Action Panel is enabled by your administrator, you can access action buttons from the LightningAgreementActions panel. For more information, see Enabling and Customizing the Action Panel.