The following are the limitations that currently exist in Online Contract Collaboration:

  • Documents generated using Pre-FX2 templates are not supported.

  • Document formats other than DOCX are not supported.

  • Documents containing Document Assembly Rules are not supported.

  • Editing and publishing of documents are not restricted according to the Restrict Checkin of Documents comply system property.

  • Nested clauses cannot be inserted.

  • Inserting of duplicate clauses is not supported.
  • Deleting smart elements using Backspace or Delete keys is not supported. 
  • Non-English characters and languages are not supported.
  • Supporting documents are not supported.
  • When there are comments or track changes cards at the end of the document, the cards float beyond the document view.
  • Documents with custom formatting are not supported.
  • Offline documents imported using:

    • CLM are partially supported.

    • XAC 1.0 are partially supported.
    • XAC 2.0 are supported.

You can refer to this document in addition to the release notes every time a new version is released for the feature updates.