A profile contains user permissions and access settings. There are four basic profiles used with Contract Management:

Profile NameAvailable Permissions Description
AdministratorCan configure and customize the application. Has access to all Contract Management functionality that does not require an additional license.
Contract ManagerCan create, edit, execute, and approve contracts. This profile can also delete contracts as long as they are not executed. Can manage clause and language template library.  Has access to X-Author functionality
Read OnlyCan view the organization's setup, run and export reports, and view, but not edit other records.
RequestorCan initiate new contract requests and use the Contract Wizard to assemble standard contracts, but does not have access to X-Author. Can perform some limited searches and reporting

For details on profile settings and related securities, see Appendix: Profile Settings and Security.

Contract Management User Roles and Tasks

The following table shows some key Contract Management roles and their descriptions.

Legal function
  • Design, creation, maintenance of contract template contents
  • Review, negotiation, and contract legal content assurance
  • Legal admin, Internal counsel, External counsel
Finance function
  • Evaluation and validation of contract’s financial impact and risks
  • Approval of the commitment of resources per the contract
  • Financial analyst, Controller, CFO, Treasurer
  • Evaluation and validation of specific areas of contract commitments
  • Approval of their functional area of the contract’s deliverables
  • VP / Director for Products, Procurement, Sales, Partner Management
Contract Facilitator
  • Definition of non-standard, complex, or global contract components
  • Assignment of contributors, scoring, approval, and strategic aspects
  • VP Strategic Accounts, CEO, CFO, COO
  • General definition of process, contributors, contract elements
  • Configuration of applications and tools required by the process
  • Application admin, system analyst, business analyst