Online Contract Collaboration (OCC) allows you to review, and redline agreement documents within Conga CLM without the need for any dedicated software. To access online contract collaboration, the Enable Online Contract Collaboration comply system property must be enabled. For more information, see Comply System Properties.

The following features are available for online contract collaboration based on the OCC Access Mode configured for a user profile:

  • Redline agreement document
  • Differentiate edits by each negotiator/collaborator
  • Add, reply, and resolve comments
  • Access Smart Data and view smart and read-only data
  • Identify modified and new smart data
  • Access Clause Library and insert clauses
  • Sync the changes in a document to the corresponding agreement record by publishing the document
  • Interoperate with X-Author Contracts and X-Author for Contracts 2.0

The following screenshot displays the Online Contract Collaboration view:

For more information on online contract collaboration, you can review the following topics: