Before you install Conga CLM package, you must enable Salesforce CRM content in your organization.


  • You must have the latest X-Author Chatter package installed in your Salesforce org.
  • You must have an instance of System Properties created under X-Author Chatter package's Custom Settings. For more information on how to create X-Author System Properties, refer to Configuring System Properties topic of X-Author Chatter Integration documentation (Winter 2018 version or later).

To enable Salesforce CRM content

Conga CLM uses Chatter Files functionality, which requires Salesforce CRM Content to be enabled before installing the Contract Management package. Ensure this setting is enabled before installing the Conga CLM package because it impacts migration.

  1. Login to
  2. Go to Setup > Customize > Salesforce Files > Settings > Salesforce CRM Content and click Edit.
  3. Select the Enable Salesforce CRM Content checkbox.
  4. Click Save. Salesforce CRM Content is enabled.
    You can now install the Contract Management package.